My resume : Economy and commerce

This to show my interest in:
My efforts to read manier articles, keep the most important, transform them into PDF. Therefor I read them carefully.
This is not a restrictive list, there is more.
And there are also the Dutch (NL-BE) and French (FR) pages with pdfs.


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Rise of the robots What advances mean for workers.pdf - 1.9 MB
toekomst_landbouw.pdf - 2.7 MB
instant_expert_27_-_artificial_intelligence.pdf - 4.8 MB
Bitcoin Does it really use more electricity than Ireland.pdf - 765.2 KB
Will globalisation take away your job.pdf - 662.3 KB
2017-06-30-Launch-of-3Emotion-s-first-2-FCEB-s-at-PTO-RET-in-Rotterdam.pdf - 300.8 KB
The pipes powering the internet are nearly full.pdf - 427.1 KB
An Introduction to Behavioral Economics.pdf - 695.9 KB
Bitcoin in the balance The troublesome quest to reinvent money.pdf - 3.5 MB
English Curriculum Vitae.pdf - 1.3 MB
Google leads in the race to dominate artificial intelligence - Battle of the brains.pdf - 4.0 MB
NL-BE - -   
Moens.htm - 22 B 
The real clean food How to eat well for yourself and the planet.pdf - 696.8 KB
Foreigners in London Horrified by Immigration Vision May.pdf - 92.2 KB
How copying photosynthesis can change society.pdf - 3.6 MB
EurostatdebtQ12016.pdf - 185.9 KB
How Sicilian oranges are being made into clothes.pdf - 324.8 KB
The renewables reality clean energy hasn't risen for 25 years.pdf - 403.0 KB
instant_expert_10_-_carbon_capture_and_storage.pdf - 2.3 MB
The compelling case for working a lot less.pdf - 1.0 MB
FR - -   
Where the wind blows Mapping our wildest gusts.pdf - 773.0 KB
hydrogen electric vehicles.pdf - 224.3 KB
First farm to grow veg in a desert using only sun and seawater.pdf - 325.9 KB
SGI Challenges for OECD and EU countries.pdf - 112.8 KB
fixing economics.pdf - 153.6 KB
These are the worst things about working in an open office.pdf - 319.9 KB
A battle for supremacy in the lithium triangle.pdf - 2.0 MB
Verdroging_Vlaanderen.pdf - 443.7 KB
The End of the Internet Dream.pdf - 1.0 MB