My resume : Health and Food

This to show my interest in:
My efforts to read manier articles, keep the most important, transform them into PDF. Therefor I read them carefully.
This is not a restrictive list, there is more.
And there are also the Dutch (NL-BE) and French (FR) pages with pdfs.


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Is fruit juice better than soda.pdf - 305.2 KB
Alzheimer drug study gives tantalising results.pdf - 87.8 KB
Cutting through the smog Is pollution getting worse.pdf - 722.7 KB
Human embryos edited to stop disease.pdf - 193.4 KB
How waste pulses through your brain.pdf - 65.8 KB
Chocolate vs vegetables The true environmental costs.pdf - 761.0 KB
Gene editing opens doors to seedless fruit with no need for bees.pdf - 959.5 KB
Aspirin 'major bleed' warning for over-75s.pdf - 411.7 KB
Smart second skin.pdf - 253.0 KB
How to extinguish the inflammation epidemic.pdf - 4.7 MB
The scary reality of medical U-turns, and how to stop them.pdf - 338.9 KB
I was there at Ebolas bloody beginning.pdf - 1.0 MB
The fishy ingredient in beer that bothers vegetarians.pdf - 299.0 KB
Processed meats do cause cancer-WHO.pdf - 138.3 KB
Increased salt consumption induces body water conservation and decreases fluid intake.pdf - 1.1 MB
Are health drinks healthy.pdf - 154.0 KB
instant_expert_24_-_sports_engineering.pdf - 2.8 MB
Fat vs carbs What is really worse for your health.pdf - 373.6 KB
Ford milk make healthy brains and bones.pdf - 155.1 KB
Coconut oil 'as unhealthy as beef fat and butter'.pdf - 362.8 KB
NL-BE - -   
Fat vs carbs your health.pdf - 329.7 KB
instant_expert_15_-_hiv.pdf - 2.2 MB
Cholesterol wars We may be fighting the wrong enemy.pdf - 137.1 KB
How cancer was created by evolution.pdf - 575.5 KB
Bug resistant to all antibiotics kills woman.pdf - 72.6 KB
Experts excited by brain 'wonder-drug'.pdf - 188.8 KB
How figs built the world and will help save it.pdf - 162.1 KB
Artificial Intelligence ushers in the era of superhuman doctors.pdf - 3.5 MB
Can knowing your genetic make-up lead to a healthier life.pdf - 412.6 KB
biological age.php - 90.6 KB
Comb jelly videos are rewriting the history of your anus.pdf - 411.1 KB
Why microbeads are controversial.pdf - 239.4 KB
mind-food-control.pdf - 113.9 KB
Alzheimers breakthrough.pdf - 648.8 KB
FR - -   
dandruff.pdf - 379.6 KB
Is there a safe level of alcohol.pdf - 1.1 MB
The milk that lasts for months.pdf - 591.8 KB
One in 10 children has Aids defence.pdf - 87.6 KB
'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early.pdf - 148.6 KB
What is processed meat.pdf - 117.5 KB
Is food really better from the farm gate than supermarket shelf.pdf - 580.8 KB
instant-expert-36-human-cell-tails.pdf - 2.7 MB
Virtual reality maze 'predicts Alzheimer's disease'.pdf - 54.8 KB
Urine test reveals what you really eat.pdf - 88.6 KB
The tricks that help some animals live for centuries.pdf - 668.0 KB
There is now a sixth taste – and it explains why we love carbs.pdf - 388.8 KB
Humans have purged the bad genes from our Neanderthal hook-ups.pdf - 142.7 KB
Lyme disease is set to explode.pdf - 2.0 MB
Bitter truth How we're making fruit and veg less healthy.pdf - 1020.6 KB
Waarom we het over bio moeten hebben.pdf - 1.1 MB
A to zinc What supplements are worth taking.pdf - 624.2 KB
How economics killed the antibiotic dream.pdf - 412.9 KB
How do we avoid the antibiotics apocalypse.pdf - 338.5 KB
Drug shrinks ovarian tumours in early trial.pdf - 842.1 KB
real risks – and benefits – of everyday pleasures.pdf - 186.2 KB
Can we predict when we will die.pdf - 706.3 KB
Blood tests spot ovarian cancer early.pdf - 365.3 KB
if all the parasites disappeared.pdf - 890.5 KB
Lasers reactivate 'lost' memories in mice with Alzheimer's.pdf - 1.2 MB
Why vitamin pills do not work and may be bad.pdf - 354.5 KB
Trials planned for GM superwheat that boosts harvest by 20%.pdf - 1.0 MB