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languages : - English - Français (langue préférée) - Nederlands (moedertaal) - Deutsch (bases)
Kouterstraat 1 / 001 3080 Vossem Belgium planning to move in ? (since 2014) till 2019 L’ Ardenne bleue (BE)
So, being a problem solver ; see informatics, creating a production line, CV! solving all, being an applied data analyst ; see suitcase,  see my gardens, see test analysis, being a man-environment specialist ; see environmental psychology (*), ergonomics, ... , being a conflict handler ; see latest successes, like PIPP, and before and suitcase. So, in reality; how does one relate to the others, towards him(-) or herself (psychology), how does one use tools, operates machines etc. (ergonomics, also in informatics), how does one act in a certain environment (environmental psychology, architecture, city planning), how does one relate to nature (gardens, human ecology)? Can this be a rather unique combination? Also I was subscribed to the (*) Journal of Environmental Psychology (Elsevier Publications), and I’ve read a lot of ergonomic articles (Taylor & Francis), and much more (see below). I will be happy to assist as a conflict handler / advisor, HR consultant, in executive search. Or B2B sales, district manager, area sales manager, Or IT-specialism as when it relates to users / customers. There is still much to do. Or for private firms presenting projects in the arrangement of territories, parks, gardens etc. Or I can combine this in running a supermarket, ... (see also my proven interest in food, hygiene, heath) Not only as employee, also can be an expert consultant, a freelance, an expat. Keep in mind, I am a keen observer (see also my interest in films and study therein), and I relate everything to what it brings towards the users. I, we, want to move to the place where this opportunity lies. And I hope that what follows is the proof of this combination of capacities, interests :
What do I also seek? As a master++ but no demand for high payment. Make me an offer! To learn, to continue  staying creative, mentally and physically. To get enthousiastic  and having to solve the problems that arise. To teach, to manage a  vast retail space. To manage (as an equal part of) a group, that has to perform better than the sum of the members. To be a counsel in  manier fields. To be a negotiator based on facts and/or data and/or committing writings. How? Salary, part-time, on call, self-employed Where? Western Europe, Canada, USA (?), Australia, ... (see the flags beneath)
GARDENS & PARKS of Eden : innovation & excellence (from 25m 2  up to 3200 m 2 )(good for all living creatures starting from still young, intensified since 1992 7 projects; Belgium, the Netherlands (coaching M & A) designing; implementing; improving Innovation of the year :  Tuinen van Appeltern 2007 (plants-pots) designing a production line, setting it up, making it work excellent innovation, in 2013 destroyed by 2 punishable civil servants. ref. dendrology, geo. arboretum Tervuren (B, a beauty), top British designers, Royal Hortical Society look at it together with my interest in environmental psychology!
Law ruled actions & environment : excellence 2017 : 4 government agencies and government Dutch law and jurisprudence, Belgian law ; correcting governments and lawyers from 2012 to (hopefully ending) 2017 this with no formal education as a lawyer, nor law, nor jurisprudence
man against man : excellence Primus Inter Paria Pares (PIPP) 2011-2013 - now
Defending the interest of hunted poor people, by firms, schools, bailiffs, other organisations. Success rate? 39 wins in 41 with one the client refusing to attend to court (I’m not a lawyer), this in continuation of successful negotiations with bailiffs and notaries from 2008 on. I’m a tough negotiator but friendly and very patient
high COMPLEXITY data-analysis
working with living things & beings that change, interact and evolve according to their own rules complex statistical degrees of freedom a youngster still must learn
working with materials that interact, and change periodically due to (mainly) external factors f.e. wood-maconery, iron - concrete some statistical degrees of freedom a youngster can be an apprentice
CONSTRUCTIONS contraints : excellence in construction (2001 - ) low level courses on painting, plastering, floors, timber, electricity, but challenging, and an eye-opener! also practice untill today : The plan for electricity was so popular on my website, it’s good for Belgium and the Netherlands and e.g. as a team leader A continuous horzontal line in a big room (old gymnastics room), on the four walls? My rotating laserbeam; well placed it yielded this continuous line, no start, no end. separating the color above from beneath how do we make it horizontal (*)? 2 extra points. Also, it can be tilted, off center; a grand scala of possibilities.
Horeca (hotel-restaurant-café), kitchen for brasserie, making a plan for a good functioning inhouse hotel laundry service (1996)
studies - school : mathematics - film director (1y) - master industrial psychology & ergonomics (4y) - human ecology (2y), with study of living in Brussels = environmental psychology extra courses - special master informatics (Modula 2,1987) - horeca, management, webdevelopment, painting, plastering, bookkeeping, floors  (1995 - 2003), electricity,  timber (2008) assitant KUL (Louvain) - statistics : aiding students to obtain their master de- gree (mainframe, Apple II) - conflict-management, power relations in companies - study of drunk driving for a short time befriended with a psychiatrist (f.e. a case of aggression) work ITC : evaluating candidates ETAP : testing and evalua- ting new personnel, analysis of relationships between divisions, as a coordinator Independant software producer other employers - university (1980-1984) - D.Products (2000) - Econocom (2001, team leader) - Médecins du Monde (bénévole, 1y.) COMMERCE commercial environments : shop coaching (health food, in cooperation, 1996-2000) restyling the product range and shop interior, boosting commerce
(*) look for the error, or better, the inaccuracy
websites (2001-2014, php)
Resume / Curriculum Vitae 27-01-1957, Congo
may 19, 2018
excellence university; industrial psychology, master ergonomics (1975-1979) promotor 18/20, statistician 17/20 (Fortran programming on mainframe), other one 13/20 (unfamilliar with topic,method). Just missing being an university-assistant, would become a great professor, would still love it. (Film, one year, 1974-1975) still a good photographer (plants etc), now making animated movies with Sony Xperia
construct possibilities : extraordinary approved designing my house (1987), no education as an architect, designer With ‘moving tops’ (3 tops shifting relatively when walking or driving past). These days with focus on insulation and solar power, it would be grand!
excellence (-1974) school ; mathematics ; not learning the lessons ; Solved a proof by proving first something we had not yet seen. Wanted to study pure mathematics at the university, everybody advised against it, because of the lack of job opportunities afterwards! And now?
modern’ tools : innovation & excellence 1985-1992 (Etap NV, coordinator and as independant) A totally open software (now the ugly ‘app’-word is used) for tablet and screen. Allowing 90% of known psychological tests, including some graphical ones. Real time in depth analysis given, allowing immediate feedback. Input : also writing the drivers for tablet and clickable (touch-)screen, in color (HP, 30 years before conservative Apple), what’s only now the standard, mouse. Broken by a divorce, and unwilling competition (BE & NL) vowing to one app-one test, no real analysis, no tablet, no drivers developed, ... ETAP was also a forerunner with the K30-system in construction (houses), and in which I also got involved.
in Pascal, Delphi, ... logical and mathematical but stable, dead, the code survives unaltered no statistical degrees of freedom a youngster can excel
INFORMATICS: innovation & excellence (2000), developer and systems engineer ESN Media Tervuren (ICT magazine for business, didn’t survive) application (software) in Delphi 5 and ASP to get the resellers inputting their ‘breaking news’, so the program would automatically place it on their server, and every paying webpage could show it, adblocker resistant. 6 months: The European resellers still wanted all only on paper. Also, what a pity, we were forerunners in web-advertising, from text to picture to video, it’s technically a small step. The 2 Americans (bosses) and I.
some things : - mastered a deep bereavement (daughter) (2003-2006) - now what deepest fear means - being out of work gave room to set up new experiences - 20 (sum) years and ongoing ; excellent socializing of animals (horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, ...) - 10 years informal care for my mother (2005-2014)
now :
What do I read ? BBC News (my homepage) New Scientist (subscr.) Royal Hortical Society (subcr.) Le Soir (?) De Standaard (?) Journal of Environmental Psychology (?) The Economist, ... Et j’écoute PureFM (seulement) also subscribed to the Plantsman, the Garden (The Royal Hortical Society, also landscapes), also already years member of a dendrologist society (trees and shrubs in landscapes), more than 15 years at home in the ‘landscapes’ geographical arboretum of Tervuren), and am a scientific ecologist (f.e. natura 2000 codes 3260, 6430, 7140).
Software mostly used : Xara Designer (this) Photoshop Soda PDF PDF Sam Goldwave spreadsheet, word processor ACDsee, Editpad, …
martial arts legend Bruce Lee : "Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it"it’s my reasoning in all, and the constant behind all I’ve done. Be flexible in your approach. Loosen yourself of wat you see, what it does, its purpose, look unhibited. Regardless it’s a problem, an idea, or an object, a person or animal. Do it.
Ergonomics, a failed profession? Take Fairebel, with its much improved milk pack, the ease in handling, pouring,  good balance, …. Take car seats like those that were in the Renault Kangoo, excellent support for  your back : You climb in physically exhausted, you drive, you’re fit at the end. In construction, please make living easy, it’s the detail that make life comfortable  (hight of toilets and counters, good chairs, ease of cleaning, …), and really, together with a harmonious living, one gets ‘rested’. In software, so unreadable to others, take care of what you do, follow some ergonomic rules! And the people must work with it, that’s imperative. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) : Today (end 2016). I am stunned to see how some companies just work in disarray, with old information, not internally synchronised, but contradicting each other. Please rethink, and make it so ergonomical, easy that errors can be avoided! Ergonomics, that also encompasses well reusable containers, eg the prepared salades from Colruyt, Carrefour (B). A success, also with our friends. Delhaize (Ahold) loses. Etc. It’s a commercial boost! Statistics (e.g. probability), so strange to the world? Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally boosts thanks to it.
Professional comments I don’t strive for being the greatest, it’s together that we accomplish more. It is the shared goal that matters, not the “me!”
(*) Journal of Environmental Psychology Research Areas Include: Perception and evaluation of buildings and natural landscapes Cognitive mapping, spatial cognition and wayfinding Ecological consequences of human actions Evaluation of building and natural landscapes Design of, and experiences related to, the physical aspects of workplaces,  schools, residences, public buildings and public spaces Leisure and tourism behavior in relation to their physical settings Meaning of built forms Psychological and behavioral aspects of people and nature Theories of place, place attachment, and place identity Psychological aspects of resource management and crises Environmental risks and hazards: perception, behavior, and management Stress related to physical settings Social use of space: crowding, privacy, territoriality, personal space (for all free to check :
Others, society Tools ergonomics, informatocs
Nature environment GARDENS, landscapes
The ME!
Looking for a tantalizing opportunity
martial arts legend Bruce Lee : "Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it"it’s my reasoning in all, and the constant behind all I’ve done. Be flexible in your approach. Loosen yourself of wat you see, what it does, its purpose, look unhibited. Regardless it’s a problem, an idea, or an object, a person or animal. Do it. -
Latest ! ERP doctor, intense psychological counsel, 5 to 6  hunters checkmate, damaging suitcases!
TRAINING : some remarks
MAN environment buildings towns, streets, house, shops
Food health
also based on ± 2 years university assistant conflict management
medium COMPLEXITY data-analysis
low COMPLEXITY data-analysis
AU - NZ, DE, BE, FR, IE, IT, LU, PT, ES, CH - CA, GB - US
Hugo Merckx
Hugo Merckx
Excuse me that the following must seem incredible. However, 61 years and a life of theoretical and practical interest, and learning, and a broad interest, and a discomfort with only ‘routine’ must yield something like this. Now that the advance in A.I. is beginning, it will show that this resume/CV isn’t even extraordinary.
Last update : 19/5/2018
New : creating promotional films
Environment : Economy, behavioral economics
© interior architect
Update 2018 : exploring Behavioral Economics (pro marketing versus economists, also see Environmental Psychology)
New 2018 : creating promotional films © CongoLatino, Film Designer
Update 1/7/2018 : mastering C++, perfecting PHP
about gardens & parks ; (the last one is the best one, so should it also be, but waiting for money to buy a GoPro-camera, however the Xperia Z5 is good) indeed; a hebbian algorithm (like Google’s DeepMind, e.g. this article)
The pioneers get the arrows and the settlers get the land